We work with construction CPAs to help arrange the most competitive surety programs for their contractor clients. A strong CPA is a key resource for contractors looking to scale their business and gain credit faculties from surety companies and banks. We also have an in-house CPA to work with our CPA partners.

We also work with construction lawyers to secure surety programs for their contractor clients. As a construction attorney, you are a trusted advisor to your client, and we understand and respect that position as we share a similar relationship with our clients.

Allow us to provide you and your customers with the highest level of service and attention. Our Best in Bonding process offers a consultative approach, fast approvals, great rates, and superior service which help our clients grow their revenue year-over-year.

When you refer a client to us, you will have peace of mind knowing that we will treat them with the utmost care and attention.

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We will help you “round out” your customer relationship by providing your clients with the most flexible and competitive surety terms available.

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Why Partner With Us?

Access to the Best Carriers – With over 25 years of experience on the carrier and agency sides of the business, we have formed relationships with a large number of surety companies, several which are exclusive to our office. This enables us to work out deals for difficult-to-place bonds and also means better terms, more capacity, and better rates for your clients!

Highest Commissions Paid – As a partner in this arrangement, we share a high % of the premium with you for referrals on ALL bonds your accounts bring in. We value the role you play in this relationship and believe that you should be properly compensated for such.

We Treat Your Clients Like Gold – Treating our clients, prospects, and partners well is of the utmost importance to us.  We consider these parties to be part of our “business family” so in dealing with us you can be assured that both you and your clients will receive the best service possible.

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