Idaho Surety Bonds

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Required Surety Bonds in Idaho

Typical Idaho bonds include (click on any for more info):
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Required Surety Bonds in Idaho

Idaho surety bonds, like all surety bonds, are broadly categorized as construction and contractor bonds, license and permit bonds, or court bonds.

Idaho Construction & Contractor Bonds

The state of Idaho has passed legislation—the Public Contracts Bond Act—that requires contractors to meet certain bonding requirements before being allowed to bid or work on publicly-funded construction projects. Municipalities may impose similar bonding requirements for local public works projects. Performance bonds and payment bonds are most commonly required, in an amount equal to 85% of a contract’s total value.

Idaho License & Permit Bonds

Idaho licenses certain types of businesses and professionals, such as car dealers and construction contractors, at the state level. The purchase of a license and permit surety bond is typically a required step in the licensing process. Some municipalities and counties also require local licensing of contractors before they can work legally in those jurisdictions.

Idaho Court Bonds

Idaho’s courts, at any level of the judicial system, sometimes require people with business before the court to purchase a surety bond. Plaintiff and Defendant bonds may be required from those appealing a court decision, particularly when contested property or large damage awards are involved. Additionally, anyone appointed to serve as executor of an estate, guardian of a minor, or any other fiduciary capacity may be required to purchase a probate bond.

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