Nevada Surety Bonds

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Required Surety Bonds in Nevada

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Required Surety Bonds in Nevada

Nevada surety bonds all fall into one of three broad categories: construction and contractor bonds, license and permit bonds, and court bonds.

Nevada Construction & Contractor Bonds

In addition to purchasing a contractor’s license bond, construction contractors who are employed for public works projects sponsored by a state or municipal agency typically must purchase other contractor bonds. These could include bid bonds, performance bonds, and/or payment bonds.

Nevada License Bonds

Some occupations are regulated at the state level and require a license issued by the state. In these cases, a surety bond requirement is usually part of the licensing process. Funeral directors, check-cashing businesses, collection agencies, and construction contractors are all licensed at the state level and are subject to a surety bond requirement.

Nevada Court Bonds

At every level of the state’s judicial system, Nevada courts can require certain individuals to purchase a surety bond. Bonding requirements apply to the following:

  • When the plaintiff and/or defendant is appealing a court decision, especially one involving contested property
  • When an individual has been named to serve in a fiduciary capacity, such as an executor, custodian, guardian, or trustee with control over another person’s assets

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