Ohio Surety Bonds

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Required Surety Bonds in Ohio

Typical Ohio bonds include (click on any for more info):
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Required Surety Bonds in Ohio

All surety bonds issued in Ohio fall into one of these three broad classifications: construction and contractor bonds, license and permit bonds, or court bonds.

Ohio Construction & Contractor Bonds

Ohio’s “Little Miller Act” requires a bid bond from any contractor bidding on a public works project. The amount of the bid bond is typically a percentage of the bid (usually anywhere from 5% to 20%). A winning bidder may be required to purchase a performance bond and/or payment bond as a condition of a contract award.

Ohio License & Permit Bonds

In addition to the business license that every business must have, Ohio requires people engaged in certain occupations or professions—267 of them to be exact—to obtain a license or permit in that field as well. In many cases, purchasing a license or permit bond is a prerequisite for licensing.

Ohio Court Bonds

Any Ohio court can order the purchase of a surety bond under certain circumstances. Individuals appealing a court decision may need to obtain an appeal bond, especially in cases involving contested property. A judge may also order a probate bond from anyone being appointed to a position involving fiduciary responsibilities, such as an executor of an estate or guardian of a minor.

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