Resources for Emerging Contractors

Our team is dedicated to helping contractors of all sizes find the most effective path to secure surety support. To help with that, below are a few resources for contractors looking to secure and improve their bonding program, as well as basic information on how to bid on federal contracts. We have also included links to industry associations, federal government agencies, and other organizations that can provide additional support and guidance.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our Surety Executives at 781-559-0568. Entity Registration

Basic instructions on how to register your entity (as an individual or organization) to be able to bid on federal contracts.

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Finding 8(a) Contract Opportunities on

Instructions for a basic search of set-aside or sole source construction projects specifically for 8(a) businesses.

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The Contractor Bonding Education and Mentoring Program

Is bonding right for you? Learn how to prepare your company to qualify for bonds and grow your surety program.

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Key Action Items: Achieve an Effective Bonding Program

Learn about the importance of surety bonding for contractors seeking government contracts and how to optimize your bond program.

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