Tennessee Surety Bonds

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Required Surety Bonds in Tennessee

Typical Tennessee bonds include (click on any for more info):
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Required Surety Bonds in Tennessee

All Tennessee surety bonds can be categorized as one of the following: construction and contractor bonds, license and permit bonds, or court bonds.

Tennessee Construction & Contractor Bonds

Tennessee has its own version of the federal Miller Act, which requires contractors working on federally-funded projects valued above $100,000 to purchase performance and payment bonds. Tennessee’s “Little Miller Act” requires a payment bond for at least 25% of any state-funded project valued at $100,000 or more.

Tennessee License & Permit Bonds

Tennessee requires licensing of more occupations and professions that nearly any other state. Licenses are issued by the regulatory boards and divisions within the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. In many cases, purchasing a license and permit bond is a mandatory step in the licensing process. A license and permit bond ensures that the principal will conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner.

Tennessee Court Bonds

Any court in Tennessee can order someone with business before the court to purchase a surety bond—specifically, an appeal bond or a probate bond. An appeal bond may be required from parties appealing a court decision, particularly if the case involves contested property or a large damages award. A probate bond—sometimes called a fiduciary bond—may be required from parties named to manage another person’s finances, such as an executor of an estate or a custodian for an incapacitated adult.

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